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Fueling Technologies (FTI) is a leading manufacturer of precision bulk storage tank gauges for liquid petroleum gases, refined liquid fuels and oils.  Chemical gauges with stainless steel and/or Teflon probes are available for industrial chemicals, agricultural chemicals, and for fertilizers such as anhydrous ammonia (NH3).  FTI products are proven with over a decade of field experience.  Mass measurement technology is well proven and accepted as the leader for inventory accuracy. Mass measurement (weight) is unaffected by temperature changes, which change volume and level.  FTI has never had a bulk tank gauge fail to exceed 99.5% or better accuracy (based on mass or weight). The "proof of the pudding" is each tank gauge is calibrated to weighed transport loads on certified public scales (which by law exceeds 99.9% accuracy). FTI precision gauges are installed in bulk storage tanks with: propane, gasoline, diesel, heating oil, motor oils,  diesel, ethanol, methanol, and other chemicals.  FTI gauges are installed throughout the western hemisphere from Northern Canada to Southern Peru.  Your inquiry will be given prompt and courteous attention.

"Mass Technology" links to a couple of page simplification of how buoyancy tube mass measurement works.  We hope you like it.


    "Precision Gauge Photo Album" links to an Acrobat Reader formatted Power Point of FTI installations in the western hemisphere.  (1.4mb, may take a moment to load)

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