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Fueling Technologies (FTI) precision mass measurement gauges are installed from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast; and Canada south to the mines of Peru. Our gauges serve both the "mom and pop" energy marketer bulk plants and larger terminals with tanks into the millions of gallons, including floating roof tanks.  They are installed in 50' tall tanks, and 500 gallon tanks. FTI gauges are installed in methanol tanks, ammonia solution tanks, gasoline, diesel, heating oil, lubrication engine oils, glycol, propane, butane, gasohol, ethanol, and anhydrous ammonia.

Our library links to a photo album showing a variety of both LPG and AST installations with our precision gauges. Our library page includes documentation on mass technology, what systems are composed of, and what value we bring to the table.    




    The table above is actual data as you will see it in your tank report

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