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GA-VIC Fueling Technologies most recent addition is our "Internet/Cellular" modem.  With this service bulk plants (on site or remote) can be accessed directly from a PC (office, home, hotel room, etc) through an internet link.  Access can be on any or all of the company PC's, if desired, at no added cost.  The internet link connects to our remote secure server, which in turn dials the cellular modem at the GA-VIC.  The savings can be considerable compared with installing a business line, paying monthly business line charges, and even paying long distance business rate charges. The convenience and versatility makes this option a "winner".  The GA-VIC normally mounts to a 48" pedestal, which is included

GA-App the newest innovation is in field test. Obtain inventory data via your Android!

RS-232 The FTI Master Control Unit has a RS-232 db9f serial port standard for interface to PCs and other interface devices.  USB to db9 serial adapters are available from FTI.  Most laptops and many desktop PCs today have USB serial ports.

IM The Master Control Unit (MCU) includes a 56k internal telephone modem port. In cases where the MCU will be sharing a normal voice telephone line we offer the FT-TLS (telephone line sharing device).  This option is recommended as it also allows the FTI "help desk" to troubleshoot issues, and to do remote tank gauge calibration when requested.

GA-LAN - an optional Local Area Network Module is available which includes Ethernet capability.  Normally LAN module cabling is limited to 350' between modules or "nodes".


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