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Fueling Technologies continues to develop innovations to serve the industry.  Innovations enhance our offering and save our customers expenses.  Some key innovations include:


     Internet/Cellular                                 Gauge2Port with PR                    Gauge2Port assembly on tank

Below is a site layout of one of our newest innovations.  it has multiple purposes.  1st, it provides constant power to tank probes instead of battery power, eliminating the need for batteries.  2nd, it can provide automated recording of the inventory readings each time a tank delivery valve is opened or closed.  This provides a verification of the product removed from the tank each time there is a transaction.  it can also be on the product input valve, for the same purposes.


 FTI's Internet/Cellular innovation provides wireless communications at the remote bulk plant sites, pedestal mounted, in a locked enclosure.  At the "other end" in the office it is merely an IP address on any or all of the company PCs, where desired.  It also can be on laptops taken home, to hotels, or even your favorite WiFi lunch/coffee location. The console and internet/cellular can even be solar powered where site does not have electricity. 

Internet cellular provides many benefits, including:  eliminating the cost of bringing telco land lines to the site, eliminating long distance billings, reducing the monthly telco expense - usually half or less, making access available wherever a PC on the internet exists. Our Android "app" is in field test, adding another convenience to get your data.

Many LPG bulk storage tanks do not have a spare 2" port at least 4 feet offset from the bottom pump inlet opening which could be used for precision gauging. Instead of cutting and welding ASME tanks to add an opening, at considerable expense, FTI has developed Gauge2Port. Gauge2Port allows for removal of an existing internal PR valve and replacing it with the above Gauge2Port which includes a 2-1/2" external PR valve.  The entire assembly is listed to UL 119 standards, and ASME rated at 9200 scfm when tested as a full assembly with the external PR valve and a gauge probe.

We will be happy to listen to your needs, demonstrate our product, and make a proposal. 

Please call for more information: 

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