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FTI is the best value in inventory management of LPG bulk storage tanks, far and away.  it is not unusual we find customers achieve payback in as short of time as one year.

What makes our LPG gauges unique and highly valued? Only FTI measures your entire LP Gas inventory.  FTI precision gauges measure and provide the LPG liquid inventory AND the inventory of vapor product in the tank.  FTI provides: mass inventory (weight), gross volumes, net 60 ͦ  volumes, liquid, liquid in vapor form, and TOTAL product.  No other supplier is providing total product (measured vapor plus liquid) inventory in the tank. FTI advertises plus or minus 1/2 of 1% error, or 99-1/2% or better accuracy. We verify 99.5% + on the start up of every tank gauge by calibrating our gauge against a weighed transport load over a public scale (required by Weights and Measures to have accuracy exceeding 99.9%). Our competition advertises accuracy based on fluid level, a less than adequate representation of the total amount of product in a typical LPG bulk storage tank.  FTI LPG gauges work equally well in large vertical LPG tanks as well as the traditional horizontal tanks.


 Canadian Rockies Utility Supplier                  Gauge2Port                Typical 3 tank bulk plant       


           U/G bulk plant (1) 30,000; (3) 90,000                                  Satellite site, 30,000 with gauge & Internet Cellular

Please see Reports for the completeness of the data FTI provides, with the amazing accuracy exceeding 99.5%.

Please see Innovations for information on Gauges2Port and Internet communications for all your sites.

For more information please see our library page on this web, or contact us below: 

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