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   AST Tank                 LPG Tank        Master Control Unit        MCU & Internet cell          PC or laptop

The data flows from the AST or LPG tank to the MCU, and often thru the internet, to the applicable PC

The Fueling Technologies Master Control Unit (MCU) has capacity for up to 33 tank probes; retaining the 128 most recent records per probe.  It is a "write over" memory and the oldest is replaced by the most recent.  The MCU has a LCD display, a sealed membrane keypad, a serial port, and a 56K modem - allowing access to the data when & where desired.  The MCU can be accessed by telephone modem, by serial port wired direct to a PC, by a Local Area Network (LAN) interface, by Ethernet interface, or by Internet/Cellular interface.  The polled data is supplied in comma separated text format, which can be readily imported into data bases, spreadsheets, and other management programs.  FTI offers our "GA HostCT" software package for terminal interfaces and report generation.  "GA HostCT" provides data in an Excel format.  Below is a sample of formatted data showing the detail of inventory management information provided.

We offer our Gauge Management Information Module 11.06.pdf to explain what data we generate and how it can be presented.

Above report is for an LPG tank.  AST reports omit the "vapor" columns.

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