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Fueling Technologies accessories include the Utility Enclosure. The FTI Utility Enclosure is often used to house our new Internet/Cellular communications package. It is used to house our remote display option in a convenient non-hazardous location for after hours drivers to see tank inventory prior to starting deliveries . In the very cold climates it can be insulated and heated (thermostatically controlled) to protect the electronics.

The Utility Enclosure normally will be mounted on our TP48 48" tall pedestal, which would be secured to a concrete footing, located where 120 vac can be safely provided.

The Utility Enclosure is available separately for many purposes.  The enclosure is a 20" x 20" x 20" steel box, powder coat protected, with a lockable front panel, and mounting holes in the base to match the 48" tall pedestal it is usually mounted to. The enclosure is available insulated, with  thermostat controlled heat, or with thermostat controlled fan for hot climates.


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